Where Can You Check For Bed Bugs While Traveling?

Bed bugs feed on the blood of a human, usually while they sleep. They don’t transmit disease, but you can’t ignore the rashes, itchiness, and severe allergic reactions. The most common way bed bugs invade your home while you return from vacation. So what will you do if these bloodsucker gets into your luggage and belonging and travel home with you? Don’t worry because Pest Control Glenelg is there to deal with any kinds of pests in your home. Hire expert pest exterminators today! But you must beware of bed bugs and take caution while you travel; let us see how.

Where To Check For Bed Bugs?

There is a common misconception that you can find bedbugs only in cheap, dirty hotels. However, the truth is that they can be present anywhere, even in a cleaner environment. You can find them in offices, theatres, and other places where bed bugs removal treatment is not done effectively. The standard and prominent place where they live is mattresses. But, they have homes in carpet, headboard, couch and other furniture in your hotel room. So, follow these steps to check for bed bugs:

Check The Bed Thoroughly:

Before placing luggage on the bed or getting on to it, inspect the head and underneath the mattress, box spring, pillow, and adjacent areas. In addition, Use a flashlight to check the dark and hidden spots.

Inspect The Furniture:

If the room has chairs, couches or recliners, and furniture, take a quick look at the head and neck area. In addition, check cushions or pillows lying on the furniture. 

Do Not Ignore The Cupboard And Curtains:

If the infestation is more, bed bugs are also present in walls, wooden cupboards, and curtains. So, to fully enjoy the travel you should not ignore these places.

What Should You Do To Avoid Bringing Bed Bugs Into The Home?

Now, you know where you can find bed bugs, so the next step is to ensure that you don’t bring them back.

  • Inspect the entire room, and if it has bed bugs signs, you can ask them to shift you to another room.
  • Rather than placing your belongings directly on the bed or furniture, keep them on a hard surface. 
  • While unpacking, don’t spread everything around the room; instead, let it packed in the luggage.
  • To ensure that you don’t bring bed bugs back, inspect and vacuum everything carefully once you reach home.
  • Remember, heat kills the bed bugs, so place it in a dryer on returning home.


Enjoy your vacation, and don’t let bed bugs destroy your fun while travelling. Follow the above methods for bed bugs inspection. Further, do not delay contacting a pest control Glenelg professional if you still bring bedbugs even after following the above precaution.