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Your Local Possum Removal Service Team In Glenelg

Possum management at your property is an essential consideration if you have to often deal with it. Pest Control Glenelg is one of the most well-known and well-established Possum Removal service providers in Glenelg. For more than a decade, we have delivered customized Possum Removal Glenelg solutions to homes and businesses. Our possum treatment in Glenelg is performed by highly trained local specialists who pay great attention to every detail and remove possums.

You must know that if possums are allowed to live in your house, they may result in a variety of health problems that may become quite serious if not removed immediately. So consider our local possum catchers and keep your house and family safe. 

What we do to make your property Possum-free

We provide a comprehensive selection of services to get rid of possums. We use the given ways to guarantee that your home is free of possums.

Area Inspection: Our Possum Removal Glenelg professionals locate possums and the points of entry that they are using to gain entrance to the property.

Remove the cause of Infestation: We get to the base of the issue, which allows us to better protect your property against possums.

Possum Catching And Removal: We catch possums safely and put them in boxes or sacs for relocation. 

Dead Possum Removal: To safeguard the safety of our customers, we execute dead possum removal services. Sometimes possums die inside your property due to some unknown reasons. 

Advice For Preventing Possum In And Around Your Property

We have created a team of experts to help you keep possums out of your house or property. Here are some tips from our experts to prevent possums in and around your property:

  •  Make it a point to keep your yard and gardens tidy regularly. It is essential to maintain the overall appeal of your home by removing overgrown vegetation and cutting it as necessary.
  • Remove any remaining kitchen waste from countertops before putting food in plastic wrap and putting it in a plastic container.
  • You can keep your pet’s food by covering them with a dishcloth. 
  • Clear the area surrounding your house or place of business of any water gathered.
  • You can set barriers on your walls or you can heighten your boundary walls. 

Different Premises In Glenelg For Where You Can Book Our Possum Removal Team

With the aid of our trained Possum Removal Glenelg technicians, we aim to conduct possum proofing your premises perfectly. Moreover, our experts opt for top-grade possum proofing solutions to make sure that they don’t enter your property area again and again. Glenelg is home to several businesses and buildings where we provide our services. Some examples are here:

●       Co-housing Complexes And Private Residences

●       Eatery establishments of many kinds, including taverns and cafes

●       Shopping malls and department stores

●       All-Academic Colleges and Universities

Our Fortes As A Local Possum Removal Team In Glenelg

Emergency and same day Possum Removal: We now provide same-day service for possum inspection and removal. Once you’ve agreed to get our service, our emergency possum removal professionals will visit your property.

Pre-purchase Possum inspection: No one wants to live in a house with possum infestations. You must use our Pre-Purchase Possum Inspections service if you’re considering buying a building or a house and want to be sure it’s free of possums before completing the purchase.

Possum Catching: Our possum catching methods are entirely safe and ecologically sound. Even more importantly, our possum catching procedure does not harm the environment.

We’re Licensed To Catch Possums In Glenelg And Other Reasons For Hiring Us

Local experts: We provide round-the-clock possum removal services for your home or business seven days a week at no additional fee. You may get in touch with us by filling out a form or contacting our phone number. As soon as possible, we’ll get back to you and arrange a time that works for you.

Affordable service: Our Glenelg possum removal company is among the affordable team in the business. Due to our safe and timely services, we are also famous. Our business is committed to offering excellent service at a fair price.

Modern methods: If you have a problem with possum, we can help you find out what’s causing it and use the best methods to get rid of it.

Safe methods: All of our possum removal steps are completely safe for possums and the surrounding environment. We promise that the quality of our services will meet or surpass your expectations.

We also provide same-day Pest Control and Moth Control Services in Glenelg and Nearby Areas at affordable prices.


How many possums usually live together?

Possums are mostly found alone. In the case of two possums observed together, the mother and the young are likely to be known as “jill and joey” respectively. They seek food together and enjoy rides on their mother’s back.

What attracts possums to your house?

Overflowing garbage cans, exposed compost piles, and other outdoor containers draw them in. They choose to build their homes near water or locations prone to flooding.

 What smells keep possums away?

Possums prefer to avoid the smells of ammonia and garlic. Use a coffee can with a cover if you’re using ammonia. If you want to keep possums out of your yard, put a smashed garlic clove there.