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Everyone’s life revolves around pest management in some way. Pest Control Glenelg is a well-known moth control service company in the Glenelg neighbourhood. All of the factors that lead to moth activity in your area are familiar to our Moth Control Glenelg experts. Glenelg residents and businesses have relied on our specialized moth control services for years. Our pest treatment experts in Glenelg take care of all of your moth problems.

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What are the signs of a pantry moth or clothes moth infestation?

Moth infestations are significantly more challenging to detect than many different sorts of bug pests in your home. Your ruined natural-fibre garments and materials, as well as your contaminated food items, are sure to come to your attention sooner or later.

Additionally, you may see abandoned silken cases left behind by webbing moths in your storage areas, in addition to their eggs, which would be found in the darkest corners of storage compartments.

Still, the most evident indicator of a clothing moth infestation will be your destroyed leather, wool, or cotton garments, which will be littered with holes due to the infestation. Keep a watch out for moth larvae in carpeting and rugs, especially if they are made of natural materials. Stored floor coverings should also be checked for these pests.

The Three Steps for Moth Control We Follow

  1. Moth inspection and assessment

An in-depth assessment of the afflicted areas and goods will be carried out as part of your moth control service. If you suspect a pantry moth infestation, the moth exterminator will inspect storage units, pantries, and kitchen cupboards; if you suspect a clothes moth infestation, the moth exterminator will check bedroom furniture, carpeting, closets, and chests of drawers; and if you suspect a pantry moth infestation, the moth exterminator will inspect storage units, pantries, and kitchen cupboards. 

During the inspection, the expert will check for indicators of moth activity, including damaged goods larvae and eggs, silken casings, and abandoned feeding tubes. In this manner, the professional will be able to identify the extent and kind of infestation and choose the most appropriate anti-moth product and application strategy.

2.   Effective treatment

Before beginning the treatment, emptying all contaminated locations and storage facilities is necessary. If you have a pantry moth issue, please destroy any broken or open containers of food, and remove linen, blankets, and clothing from closets and drawers, taking care not to spread the clothes moth infestation any further.

The pest professional will use a potent pesticide, which will destroy the problem at all phases of its life cycle. We urge that you evacuate the premises, including with any pets, while the service is being performed, and that you thoroughly ventilate the space upon your return.

3.   Moth prevention advice

To avoid a moth infestation, you should inspect your storage places regularly for damaged things and take immediate action if you discover anything that doesn’t appear to be entirely right. Keep bags of dried lavender in your closet to protect your clothes and materials. Dry foods should be stored in airtight containers, kitchen units should be cleaned regularly, and spills, sticky ring marks, crumbs, and grains on surfaces should be addressed. Expiring items, especially spices, should be thrown away regularly. 

Why is our Glenelg team the right choice for your moth problem?

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What temperature is necessary to destroy pantry moth eggs?

If you store food in your freezer for four days, you may be sure that the moths will die. Heating is also effective. Temperatures of 130 degrees Fahrenheit for two hours should be sufficient.

When does a pantry moth reach the end of its life cycle?

Because an adult moth has a lifetime of approximately 5-25 days, it is common for them to go undetected until they are discovered when sweeping away dust bunnies or other debris. So, to recap, the Pantry Moth’s whole life cycle may last anywhere from 27 days to a little more than a year.

What colour are the eggs of pantry moths?

Miniature greyish-white eggs are laid in flour, cereal, pet food, and other dried foods by pantry moths. A squirming mass of larvae is formed when the eggs hatch, and they feed on your stone-ground whole wheat flour or whatever you’re feeding them. They ultimately hatch into adults who will lay more eggs shortly in food containers.