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Ants are tiny invaders that can get inside your house through the smallest of cracks and spaces and infest your home. They’re one of the most stubborn nuisance-creators who can take over your happy space if you do not act soon. Glenelg Ant Controllers have trained experts who will provide you with the most effective Ant Control Glenelg solutions. We understand ant behavior and their nesting habits. So, when your home suffers from an ant infestation, we examine the severity of the situation and then come up with the best possible solutions. As we will help you catch all the ants that try to make a mess on your property and exterminate them forever. 

Ant Control Glenelg
Best Ant Control Glenelg

How can Pest Control Glenelg help you with ant removal from your property? 

Our experts have been providing a professional pest removal service for years in Glenelg. They have an understanding of the life cycle, pattern, and behavior of ants. In addition, we can identify the kind of species that have entered your property and are trying to take over it. Our expert’s ant extermination services include identifying the entry point & finding a proper solution to exterminate them and prevent them from coming back. 

  • The entire perimeter of your property undergoes our treatment methods for complete ant extermination. 
  • We spray unique insecticidal formulations to get back at those bad boys – we won’t leave even one of them. 
  • We cover each corner of your house, basement, bathroom, attic, door and window frames, fences, roof cavity, etc. 

In conclusion, if ever you find yourself stuck in an ant invasion, call Pest Control Experts Glenelg at 0870794310. Get rid of the little beasts asap! We also provide same-day affordable Flea Control, Silverfish Control, Cockroach Control, Rodent Control, Spider Control, Fly Control, Bees Control, and Termite Control.


Can you say how long it will take to complete the ant control task?

The majority of general pest control services take between one and a half and two hours to complete. After the service, the products will need to dry for a further 1-1.5 hours (depending on the conditions on the day and the ventilation at the property).

A typical Ant control Glenelg service lasts around 45 minutes, with about 1-1.5 hours an additional drying period.

When will I be able to sweep/mop following the service?

To maximize the effectiveness of your pesticide treatment, it is recommended that you sweep or mop your floor the day before your appointment. We cannot apply products to a damp floor; therefore, please do not mop the day before or the day of the service.

After the treatment, it is best not to mop the floor for as long as possible. Perimeter spray is typically applied to the kitchen’s skirting and kickboards, so avoiding cleaning the floor to the edges will prolong the treatment’s efficacy.

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